Compilation error for Arduino boards

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Compilation error for Arduino boards

 A compilation error for Arduino boards occurs when the sketch is checked if the source code of the program is not written correctly or the compiler cannot find the specified library files, variables or methods. Most often, such errors are associated with the programmer's negligence or carelessness, but there are simply mystical situations when, it would seem, everything is correct, but the compiler is "making a fool". Miracles do not happen and any strange mistakes can eventually be found and corrected. Let's try to do this together.

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  • 1 Syntax errors
  • 2 Errors compiling Arduino Uno boards
  • 3 Error exit status 1 when compiling for Uno, Mega and Nano boards
  • 4 Library errors
  • 5 Arduino compiler errors

Syntax errors

arduino errorsThe first and most common Arduino compiler error is syntax failure. As a rule, such errors are quite easy to find and fix, because the Arduino IDE itself will give you a hint, trying to find and mark the line number in which the problem was found. But sometimes you have to solve the whole quest, analyzing the lines in which an insidious inaccuracy crept in (for example, the curly brace is missing). This requires attentiveness and composure - you just need to discard those parts of the program where there can be no errors and start looking at the code, line by line. The main thing is not to panic and remember that everyone makes mistakes, and finding and solving problems is the main thing that programmers have to do.

Here are the most common Arduino / Genuino compilation errors:

  • The error a function-definition is not allowed here before '{' token. This error means that you forgot to close the curly line. Check all functions and internal code blocks. There must be a closing parenthesis for each open parenthesis. The Arduino IDE will help you - click the opening “{“ sign and the program will highlight the closing one.a function-definition is not allowed here before
  • The expected initializer before '}' token error. It occurs in the opposite situation: when you forgot to open or accidentally erased the opening curly brace. Sometimes this error occurs when there are multiple closing parentheses without an opening one. In any case, you need to carefully review the code and put the brackets in order.
  • The error 'something there' was not declared in this scope. Means that arduino found words in the code that are not service words and are not declared as variables. Typically, an error occurs when you really forgot to declare variables or methods. It is also possible that you accidentally wrote extra characters or erased the comment mark, after which the arduino began to perceive your thoughts as commands.
  • Error undefined reference to `loop '. Occurs when you accidentally deleted or renamed the loop function. Arduino will not be able to run the sketch without the command specified in this block. If you screwed up with the setup function, the error looks like this: undefined reference to `setup '. There is only one way out in both cases - to return loop or setup to its place in the sketch.
Arduino Uno boards compilation errors

was not declared in this scopeIn the Arduino IDE, you can write sketches for different versions of microcontrollers. Very often this leads to the fact that after writing code for the Arduino Nano, you try to compile it without specifying the desired value in the board selection menu. By default, the Arduino / Genuino Uno board is selected in the menu, in order to compile a sketch for the Arduino Nano, you will need to select this board. The thing is that when compiling for a specific platform, Arduino loads the necessary modules and libraries. These libraries are different for each platform. It may well turn out that the code you write will contain references to variables and methods that are simply not present in the selected configuration.

Exit status 1 error when compiling for Uno, Mega and Nano boards

The "exit status 1" message when compiling an Arduino means that the compilation process ended with an error. There can be a huge number of reasons for this, as a rule, they are all quickly fixed, so there is nothing wrong with this error. But there are situations when the error is caused by internal compiler problems. For example, when running on a 64x bit operating system or changing the version of the IDE or libraries. There can be no single recipe, you will need to look for a solution to a specific problem on the forum.

Library errors

A huge number of compilation errors for Arduino can be caused by incorrectly connected libraries or errors within the libraries themselves. Let's consider just a few of them:

  • Fatal error: ... No such file or directory. Occurs when you include a library that you have not previously installed in the libraries folder. Arduino simply cannot find the specified declaration file and makes it known about it.
  • Error message in one of the included files. Indicates that you downloaded a poorly written library or are trying to link incompatible libraries. Contact the developer of the library on the forum or check the correctness of the structure of your application.
  • Errors like redefinision of void setup '- occur if, for some reason, the author has already declared functions in the included library that you use in your sketch. You need to rename the methods (in your own or in the library)
Arduino compiler errors

This group includes the most terrible errors for a developer related to the unstable behavior of the compiler itself. In this case, there can be no single recipe. In some cases, you need to try to load the latest version of the compiler, in others, on the contrary, roll back to an older one, in which the library you are using still worked correctly.

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