Maixduino - AI Accelerated Single Board Computer, RISC-V AI, Arduino Form Factor and ESP32 Wireless Module

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Maixduino - AI Accelerated Single Board Computer, RISC-V AI, Arduino Form Factor and ESP32 Wireless Module


Maixduino - AI Accelerated Single Board Computer, RISC-V AI, Arduino Form Factor and ESP32 Wireless Module

MAIX is a specialized series of Sipeed products designed to work with AI. Unlike conventional CPs, specialized CPs can work faster and with lower energy costs. Based on the MAIX module, Maixduino is a RISC-V 64 development board for AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (internet of things) applications. The Maixduino is based on the Kendryte K210 RISC-V AI SoC and, unlike other Sipeed MAIX development boards, is in the Arduino Uno form factor, with an ESP32 module to support WiFi and Bluetooth.
Sipeed Maixduino - ESP32 WI-FI

The Maixduino development board was provided by Seeed Studio , the kit  retails for $ 23.90 plus shipping and includes an OV2640 camera module, a 2.4-inch TFT display, and the Maixduino board itself.

Maixduino SBC Arduino UNO form factor - kit

Maixduino can be programmed with MaixPy IDE (MicroPython), Arduino IDE, OpenMV IDE and PlatformIO IDE, and also supports Tiny-Yolo, Mobilenet and TensorFlow Lite deep learning platforms with QVGA @ 60fps or VGA @ 30fps image identification. Maixduino makes Arduino IDEs and libraries to support the Maix series of development boards (k210 chips), making it easy to use the large number of existing open source Arduino libraries to quickly develop your projects.

To connect, you will need a USB 2.0 to Type C cable or adapter, the cable will be used to power and program both the K210 and ESP32 via the dual-channel CH522 chip: the first channel is for the K210, and the second for the ESP32.

Sipeed Maixduino - USB Type C b dual channel CH522 for programming both K210 and ESP32

Typical applications:

  • Smart Home applications such as cleaning robots, smart speakers, electronic door locks, home monitoring;
  • Medical industry applications such as assistive diagnostics and treatment, medical image recognition, emergency alarms;
  • Smart Industry applications such as industrial equipment, smart sorting, electrical equipment monitoring;
  • Educational applications such as educational robots, intelligent interactive platforms, learning effectiveness testing;
  • Agricultural applications such as agricultural monitoring, pest and disease monitoring, automated control, etc.

Sipeed M1 module (Lichee Dan)

Sipeed M1 module accommodates K210 SoC, 3-channel DC power supply, 8/16/128 MB flash, and M1w version and esp8285 wireless wifi module.

Sipeed Maixduino - Sipeed M1 K210 RISC-V AI SoC

Maixduino - Sipeed M1-M1W (Lichee Dan)

Kendryte K210

Kendryte K210 is a System-on-a-Chip (SoC) that combines: two 64-bit RISC-V IMAFDC cores (RV64GC), each with an integrated independent FPU and a clock frequency of 400 to 600 MHz; Hardware accelerator of convolutional neural networks (CNN) KPU; Hardware accelerator audio APU; SRAM 8 MB.
Maixduino - Kendryte K210 - Architecture Overview

Specifications Sipeed Maixduino

Maixduino - hardware

AI module
Sipeed M1 / ​​Sipeed MAIX-I AIoT
System on a Chip (SoC)
Kendryte K210 (CPU + KPU + APU)
2 x 64-bit RISC-V IMAFDC cores (RV64GC), each with an integrated independent FPU, clock speed 400-600 MHz. 2 x 32Ki I-Cache (instructions cache), 2 x 32Ki D-Cache (data cache);
Hardware accelerator of convolutional neural networks (CNN) KPU;
Hardware Accelerator Audio APU
RAM8 MB onboard SRAM
StorageMicro SD (TF) card slot;
Built-in 16M Flash module
Video input24-pin DVP camera connector;
Supports video capture resolution up to 640 × 480 @ 30fps;
Supports YUV422 and RGB565 input image formats
Video outputCan display images as on KPU;
and to display - 24-pin header for MCU 8-bit LCD
Audio inputBuilt-in omnidirectional digital I2S MEMS Microphone MSM261S4030H0
Audio outDAC + PA:
DAC TM8211: 16-bit dynamic range; Low harmonic distortion;
NS4150: 3W Power Output, 1.25mm Pitch Speaker Connector; Efficiency up to 90%;
Wireless connectionESP32 module:
Supports 2.4G 802.11.b / g / n 802.11n
(2.4GHz), speeds up to 150Mbps
Full Bluetooth v4.2 standard including traditional Bluetooth (BR / EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
USB1 x USB 2.0 Type C device for powering and programming both K210 and ESP32 via CH522 dual channel chip
Working temperature range-30 ℃ - 85 ℃
PeripheryArduino UNO-compatible headers with digital I / O / PWM, I2C, UART, 6x analog inputs and power signals
NutritionUSB Type-C;
6 - 12 V,> 600 mA via power connector;
4.8 - 5.2V via Vin (?)
Buttonsreset and boot
Indicators (LED)Power, TX-K210, RX-K210, TX-ESP32 and RX-ESP32
Form factorArduino Uno
Temperature Range-30 ° C to 85 ° C

Photo gallery

Maixduino SBC Arduino UNO Form Factor - Top View
Maixduino SBC Arduino UNO Form Factor - Bottom View
Sipeed Maixduino - Reset and Boot Buttons
Sipeed Maixduino - Audio Out Port

Sipeed Maixduino - LCD Port
Sipeed Maixduino - Camera and MicroSD Ports
Sipeed maixduino
Sipeed Maixduino - Arduino UNO Form Factor

Sipeed Maixduino - Sipeed Maixduino - Sipeed M1 K210 RISC-V AI SoC and ESP32 WI-FI
Sipeed Maixduino - Top View (all components)
Sipeed Maixduino - Bottom View and Block Diagram

About Seeed Studio

Seeed is an IoT hardware provider providing services for over 10 years that enable manufacturers to implement their projects and products. Seeed offers a wide range of hardware platforms and sensor modules, ready for integration with existing IoT platforms and versatile PCB manufacturing and PCB prototype assembly . Seeed Studio offers a wide variety of electronic components including Arduino , Raspberry Pi and many development platforms. Especially Grove Sytsemhelps engineers and manufacturers to avoid jumper problems. Seeed Studio has developed over 280 Grove modules covering a wide range of applications that can meet a variety of needs.

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