MCP4725 - Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC)

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MCP4725 - Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC)


MCP4725 - Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC)The MCP4725 (Microchip Technology) is a single-channel, 12-bit, buffered D / A converter with built-in EEPROM and an I2C-compatible serial interface.

The MCP4725 draws no more than 0.4 mA from a power supply with no output load and can drive less than 25 mA to a load. Also note that the voltage at the VCC pin is used as a DAC reference, so the power supply at the VCC pin should be as clean as possible for the DAC to be efficient. Since this is a 12-bit DAC, it will accept up to 4096 possible inputs to provide analog output. Here, the 0 output is zero and the 4095 output is a full scale output, which is determined by the reference voltage applied to the VCC pin. The EEPROM allows the MCP4725 to save data values ​​by itself and restore them on power-up.

Since the basic Arduino models ( Arduino Uno , Arduino Mini , etc.) do not include a built-in DAC, the MCP4725 can be used in Arduino projects to get an analog signal if PWM signal conditioning does not provide the desired accuracy.

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Specifications MCP4725

  • Resolution : 12-bit;
  • Built-in non-volatile memory : EEPROM;
  • LSB DNL : ± 0.2 (typ);
  • Power off mode : normal or off;
  • Tuning time : 6µs (typ);
  • Reference voltage input : VDD;
  • Power consumption : min. 0.06, typ. 210 μA, max. 400 μA;
  • Supply voltage : 2.7 V - 5.5 V;
  • Interface : I2C;
  • I2C addresses : external contact for setting the address A0, two available addresses;
  • Conversion speed : nominal (100 Kbps), high (400 Kbps), maximum (3.4 Mbps);
  • Package : SOT-23 with 6 pins (SOT-23-6);
  • Extended temperature range : -40 ° C - +125 ° C;
  • Class : AEC-Q100 1 qualification;
  • Dimensions : 15x15 mm.

MCP4725 pinout

MCP4725 pinout

oneVout / OUTAnalog voltage output
2Vss / GNDLand
3Vdd / VCCNutrition
4SDASerial Data Line
5SCLSerial CLock
6A0 / ADDRChoosing an address

MCP4725 - Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) - Pinout

I2C address setting system

According to the documentation, the device address contains four fixed bits (device code = 1100) and three address bits (A2, A1, A0). Bits A2 and A1 are set during manufacture, and the A0 bit is determined by the logic state of the user configurable pin A0. The A0 pin can be connected to VCC (VCC = 1100 00 1 (0x61)) or GND (GND = 1100 00 0 (0x60)) or actively driven digital logic levels. Found that the default I2C address for the module presented here is 0x60 (A0 = 0, A1 = 0, A2 = 0).
MCP4725 - I2C Address Setting SystemIf you have more than one MCP4725 on the bus, you will also want to disable the pull-up resistors on all but one module. Resistors are enabled by default. If you need to disable them, you will need to cut out the jumpers from the back. If you ever need to turn the pull-up resistors back on, just solder them back in.
MCP4725 - Pull-up Resistors

MCP4725 module and its schematic diagram

MCP4725 module - schematic diagram

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