Whats is SSH and SCP and FTP

 Whats is SSH?

SSH stand for the secure shell. In layment terms it provides us to access remote machine with secure network. So in order login to the remote machine like windows or the linux you must have username and password or ssh keys (PEM files). You have these infos then you can use ssh comman or Putty software in windows to login using SSH.

What is SCP?

Now you know what is ssh. but ssh provides remote access to the machine. Lets say you want to copy files from remote server but dont want login into remote server. Thats where SCP comes into picture it provies ability to copy files securly form remote server or copy into remote server.

Whats is FTP?

Now you know whats is ssh and scp but there is another protocol for file transfer thats called FTP. It provide ability to sccess file from remote server where FTP server is hosted
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