How to get hex file from the sketch?

hex file arduino,arduino hex file, get hex file arduino,download hex file from arduinoHello friends, hope you all are fine and having fun with your lives. In today’s post, I am gonna share How to get Hex File from Arduino. It’s quite a simple post and I have already explained it many times in my posts but still, I am getting a lot of messages regarding it that’s why I thought to write a separate post for it. First of all, let’s have a little introduction about it. If you have worked on PIC Microcontrollers or Atmel etc then you have seen that you always get hex files from their compilers and then you burn that hex file in the respective Microcontroller using their programmer or burner. But that’s not the case with Arduino. In Arduino boards, you simply plug it with your computer and you hit the Upload button and the code automatically gets upload in Arduino boards. It doesn’t create any hex file. You should also have a look at Arduino Library for Proteus in which you can upload this hex file.

So, now the question arises that why do we need the hex file in the first place, when we can upload the code without it? The answer to this question is, there are many cases when a hex file is required. For example, instead of using the Arduino board you just want to use the ATmega328 or Attiny microcontroller then the easiest way is to write the code in Arduino and then get its hex file and upload it in your microcontroller, which makes the task quite easy. Another example is Proteus simulation, when you want to simulate your Arduino board in Proteus software then you need to get the hex file so that you can upload it to your Arduino board. Another case is freelancing, when you are working on some project as a freelancer, then there are many cases when you don’t wanna send your code to the client, instead you want to send the hex file to him so that he can test and verify the code, in such cases it also required. So let’s get started with how to get hex file from Arduino.

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