How to Solve Arduino Board not Recognized Problem?

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How to Solve Arduino Board not Recognized Problem?

 How to Solve Arduino Board not Recognized Problem?

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It refers to a situation where the computer does not recognize the Arduino board connected to the computer. In this case, the board usually doesn't show up in the Arduino IDE's ports list, and is sometimes labeled as USB2.0 in Device Manager.

Solution :-


Happens when using a cheap Arduino clone that uses USB to serial converter chip CH340g instead of FTDI (FT232RL) and other chips used on standard Arduino boards. Drivers for the USB to serial chips used by standard Arduino boards are always packaged with the Arduino IDE installation files, so installing the IDE automatically installs the drivers on your PC. To use this CH340g USB to Serial Converter based Arduino board, you need to download and install the driver for the chip. Drivers can be downloaded from this link. Installation is as easy as clicking the Install button in the installation interface shown below.

Then you should be able to find the port your board is connected to in the Arduino IDE.

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