JY01 - 3 phase brushless dc motor driver IC for Hall sensor BLDC motor or sensorless BLDC motor

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JY01 - 3 phase brushless dc motor driver IC for Hall sensor BLDC motor or sensorless BLDC motor

JY01 3 phase brushless dc motor driver IC for Hall sensor BLDC motor or sensorless BLDC motor


The JY01 is a specially designed control IC for brushless DC motor drivers. It is primarily used for Hall sensor-based BLDC (Brushless DC) motors or sensorless BLDC motors. With its user-friendly application, simple peripheral circuitry, and cost-effectiveness, the JY01 has gained rapid acceptance among electronic engineers.

One of the notable features of the JY01 is its implementation of the SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) drive mode. This drive mode ensures low noise, high efficiency, and stable quality performance, making it well-suited for various motor control applications. The JY01's ability to provide precise and smooth control over the motor's speed and torque is highly valued by engineers.

Furthermore, the JY01 comes with professional technical support, which adds to its appeal for electronic engineers. Having reliable technical assistance and guidance allows engineers to integrate the JY01 seamlessly into their projects, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

Overall, the JY01 offers a combination of simplicity, cost-effectiveness, low noise operation, high efficiency, stable quality, and professional technical support. These features have made it a preferred choice among electronic engineers seeking a reliable and efficient control IC for their brushless DC motor driver applications.

 The versatile JY01 control IC finds a wide range of applications across various industries. Some of the key applications where the JY01 excels are:

  1. Brushless DC Fans: The JY01 is commonly used in brushless DC fans for cooling systems in computers, appliances, and industrial equipment. Its efficient control capabilities ensure optimal performance and low noise operation.
  2. Brushless DC Pumps: The JY01 is well-suited for driving brushless DC pumps used in water circulation systems, aquariums, and other fluid management applications. Its stable control and high efficiency contribute to reliable pump operation.
  3. Lawn Mowers: The JY01 enables precise control of brushless DC motors in electric lawn mowers, ensuring efficient cutting and maneuverability.
  4. Scooters and Balanced Cars: The JY01 plays a significant role in electric scooters and balanced cars, providing smooth and efficient motor control for reliable and safe transportation.
  5. Robots: The JY01's easy application and stable control make it suitable for driving brushless DC motors in robotic systems, enabling precise movement and functionality.
  6. Scientific Instruments and Equipment: The JY01 finds applications in scientific instruments and equipment that require accurate motor control, such as laboratory devices, analytical instruments, and automated systems.
  7. Automotive: The JY01 is utilized in various automotive applications, including auto fuel pumps, electric window systems, electric seat adjustments, air-conditioning fans, and electric rearview mirror adjustments.
  8. Home Appliances: The JY01 is employed in a wide range of home appliances, including vacuum cleaners, air conditioning systems, plumbing equipment, and high-end children's toys.
  9. Model Aircraft and Cars: The JY01 is widely used in the model aircraft and model car industries, providing precise motor control for enhanced performance and maneuverability.
  10. Handheld Tools: The JY01 is applied in handheld tools such as grinding machines, hand drills, engraving machines, and electric screwdrivers, delivering efficient motor control for improved functionality and user experience.

The JY01's versatility and reliable performance make it a popular choice across a diverse range of applications, driving various brushless DC motor-based systems and devices.

 The JY01 control IC offers a range of distinctive characteristics that contribute to its efficient and versatile performance:

  1. Working Voltage: The JY01 operates within a working voltage range of 4.5V to 5.5V, providing flexibility for various power supply configurations.
  2. Working Temperature: Designed to withstand demanding conditions, the JY01 has a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, ensuring reliable operation in extreme environments.
  3. Drive Mode: The JY01 utilizes the SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) drive mode, enabling precise control over motor speed and torque for smooth and efficient operation.
  4. Dual Drive Mode: The JY01 supports both Hall sensor and sensorless drive modes, offering flexibility for different motor types, whether they require Hall sensors or not.
  5. Adaptive Motor Compatibility: The JY01 is compatible with both Hall sensor motors and sensorless motors, accommodating a wide range of brushless DC motor configurations.
  6. Steering Control: The JY01 allows for positive and negative steering control, enabling bidirectional motor rotation as per the application requirements.
  7. Soft Reversing: With its soft reversing capability, the JY01 ensures smooth and controlled motor direction changes, minimizing stress and impact on the motor and associated components.
  8. Speed Signal: The JY01 features a speed signal option, providing feedback on motor speed for precise control and monitoring.
  9. Overload Protection: The JY01 incorporates overload protection mechanisms, safeguarding the motor and control circuitry against excessive current or load conditions.
  10. Current Closed Loop: With its current closed-loop feature, the JY01 maintains a consistent and accurate control of motor current, enhancing stability and efficiency.
  11. Constant Current Drive: The JY01 offers constant current drive capabilities, ensuring a steady and regulated current supply to the motor for optimal performance.
  12. Blocking Protection: The JY01 includes blocking protection functionality, preventing motor damage in case of motor lock or mechanical blockage.
  13. Soft Starting: The JY01 supports soft starting, allowing for gradual acceleration and reducing start-up stress on the motor and connected components.
  14. Special Technology: The JY01 incorporates the JYKJ full condition safety start function, providing additional safety measures during motor start-up and operation.
  15. Speed Adjustment: The JY01 enables linear speed adjustment, allowing for precise control over motor speed according to specific application requirements.
  16. Soft Start Period: The JY01 offers selectable soft start periods of 1 second, 3 seconds, or 10 seconds, providing flexibility to adapt to different motor start-up characteristics and requirements.


The JY01 is a comprehensive control solution that consists of a medium-power Hall and sensorless brushless controller board. The main control board is complemented by six TO-220 packaged high-power MOSFETs, which are mounted on the back of the PCB. This configuration ensures efficient power delivery and effective motor control.

The JY01 control board operates within a wide range of VCC control board voltages, accommodating various power supply configurations. With a maximum operating current of up to 20A (when appropriate heat sink circuits are implemented), the JY01 can handle high-power applications with ease.

The versatility of the JY01 control solution is evident in its successful implementation across various applications. It has been effectively used in DC brushless motors, brushless DC motor pumps, scooter motors, handheld devices, and more. This diverse range of applications showcases the adaptability and reliability of the JY01 in driving different types of brushless DC motors.

The JY01 control solution offers a compact and integrated design, providing convenience and ease of use. With its medium-power Hall and sensorless brushless controller board and high-power MOSFETs, it ensures efficient motor control, reliable performance, and optimal power delivery.   

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